AMS Contracting Ltd provides a comprehensive spraying service to assist with weed control, fertiliser or micronutrient applications and to ensure disease-free turf. Using effective equipment and the latest technologies, we can support councils, football clubs, rugby clubs, large-scale equine facilities and many more.

Our sprayers are equipped with GPS steering & rate control, ensuring even application across all surfaces. All staff are trained to meet the latest legislation and carry PA1 & PA2 certification.

Spraying Services

Liquid Feeds

Undergoing regular applications of liquid feed ensures a consistent supply of high-quality nutrients are available to the surface, enabling healthy grass growth.

Selective and total weed control

Depending on requirements, a selective weed killer or total weed control can be applied to effected surfaces. A selective weed killer can be used on lawns and turf, killing weeds without harming the surrounding grass. Total weed control via a non-selective herbicide will eradicate all weeds, grass, flowers and vegetation.

Pest & disease control

Spraying either chemical or biological, pesticide and fungicide products can help to control and prevent a range of pests and plant diseases.

Fertiliser applications (granule or liquid)

Both granule and liquid fertilisers are essential in maintaining healthy, thriving grass areas all year round.  Liquid fertiliser can be effective throughout the year and offer quick results with regular applications. Granular fertilisers traditionally provide a slower-release source of nutrition that sustains your lawn over a longer period.

Iron application

Adding iron to your lawn or sports surface can give a surface a rich colour, as well as killing off any unwanted moss.

Micro-nutrient application

Micro-nutrient application is ideal for surfaces showing the signs of nutrient deficiencies. Combating this with effective spraying of the required nutrients will improve surface quality and lead to better overall plant health and presentation.

Getting in touch

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