A vast and varied range of services has led AMS to work with leading sports venues, large building development companies, local councils, large scale landscaping companies and private owners. Find out what we can do for you.

Sports Field Construction

AMS Contracting specialise in top-quality sports field construction – guiding the facility through every stage of the process from planning, appraisal and installation to ensure the delivery a high-quality surface.

Services include: site surveys, infiltration testing, soakaway design & installation, quantifying materials, site clearance & management, earthworks, topsoil stripping & screening, primary & secondary drainage, topdressing, final grading and seeding.

Sports & Land Drainage

AMS Contracting offers sports field drainage solutions for all natural turf surfaces including: primary drainage, sand banding, sand slitting, soakaway design & installation, infiltration testing and French drains.

Sand Banding

Improve your drainage system in a single pass with the Topdrain from AMS. This unit trenches to remove soil, injects sand and re-compacts in one operation aiding surface water drainage by accelerating the downward movement of moisture to primary drainage systems.

The Topdrain offers 0.5m and 1m spacings and works to depths of up to 260mm, delivering efficiency savings and greater flexibility for clients including football and rugby stadia, cricket, polo and racecourses.

Natural Turf Renovations

Thanks to a range of specialist equipment, AMS can cater for all of your natural turf maintenance requirements from aeration, topdressing and overseeding to spraying and fertilising. Whether you’re looking to improve your drainage through sand banding or sand slitting, or want to remove the entire top layer and conduct a full renovation, AMS have the tools, knowledge and expertise to assist.

Sports Turf Irrigation

AMS offer mobile sports turf irrigation systems which are designed to water large areas of turf during dry months. Our mobile irrigation unit comprises of a 20,000lt water tank, pumping station & speedy rain gun.

The units, offered on short or long term hire, can water up to 10,000m2 per day via speedy irrigation or static sprinklers.

Fraize Mowing

Scarify or opt for total surface removal on your natural or hybrid turf pitch with the Koro FTM from AMS Contracting. The Koro is widely utilised on football & rugby pitches, racecourses & polo fields, golf courses, bowls greens and cricket squares and outfields.

Following scarification or surface removal operations, pitches can be top-dressed and overseeded; this creates a new playing surface with much stronger, healthier grass.


AMS offer a full range of earthworks services from land forming & stabilisation and cut & fill, to grading, screening, ditching and piping. We can also assist with all stages of preparing and installing ponds, lakes & reservoirs, paths & tracks and footings & hard standings.

Site and Scrub Clearance

Clear a wide variety of vegetation or brash to enhance aesthetics or prepare for the next stage of any project.

Using specialist equipment, AMS can quickly and easily clear scrub, cut and remove hedges, fell trees, stump grind and chip waste to leave a clean and tidy finish.

Solar Farms

AMS have proudly played a pivotal role in the establishment and maintenance of new and existing solar farms. From spraying, levelling and seeding, through to flail mowing, pathway construction and the installation of drainage and ecological features such as nests and boxes.


AMS Contracting has extensive experience in the hydroseeding sector- offering services to the commercial sector as well as residential.

Knowledge with: amenity grass, wildflowers, erosion control and coastal defences, recreational areas, ponds & reservoirs, retaining walls, energy parks and solar farms.


AMS Contracting Ltd provides a comprehensive spraying service to assist with weed control, fertiliser or micronutrient applications and to ensure disease-free turf. Using effective equipment and the latest technologies, we can support councils, football clubs, rugby clubs, large-scale equine facilities and many more.

Our sprayers are equipped with GPS steering & rate control, ensuring even application across all surfaces. All staff are trained to meet the latest legislation and carry PA1 & PA2 certification.

Working with AMS

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