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Kings Chase


The site previously known as Ganger Farm was a PYO fruit farm. Once permission was granted, a large section of the site was to be used for a new sports facility. Due to the existing topography of the land being a small valley, large amounts of cut and fill earthworks took place in order to create the correct gradients and levels for the sports facility.


  • 2x Football pitches 107 x 70m
  • 3 x Rugby pitches 132 x 85m

Scope of works:

  • Design, planning and construction methods
  • Remove all existing vegetation
  • Topsoil strip and stockpile
  • Topsoil screening
  • Cut & Fill earthworks of approx 5ha
  • Careful layering and compaction of sub base to achieve correct CBR
  • Spread consistent subsoil layer
  • Spread screened topsoil layer
  • Design & install an extensive primary drainage system to meet Sport England Criteria
  • Final grade and cultivations
  • Seeding
  • Irrigation
  • Secondary drainage
  • Extensive 12-month maintenance


Due to the topography of the site, huge quantities of fill material was needed. As materials became available from site digs and excavations it was extremely important that these materials were managed and handled in the correct way.

Site material is usually inconsistent, levels of moisture, clay and stone content, debris can vary dramatically from load to load. Due to some areas needing as much as 2 meters of fill, and because site materials were not of sufficient quality. The decision was made to import 5,000m3 of high-quality clay which was layered and compacted in dry conditions to achieve the correct compaction value.

Specialist Operations:
Final grading of pitches and drainage was installed using machine control GPS RTK land forming & drainage software which offers considerable accuracy over more traditional methods such as laser levels.

The Final Result

Kings Chase sports facility is due to be completed in September 2020. This site will become the main sporting facility for Romsey and surrounding areas.

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