Land Forming

AMS Contracting uses the latest Trimble® FieldLevel™ II system which streamlines the surveying, designing, and levelling steps required for land levelling projects. FieldLevel II helps ensure optimal water management by providing improvements in yields, water usage, and farm productivity.

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AMS Contracting will precisely map your fields to create a highly accurate topographic survey which will allow designs to be carried out.

Once the survey has been completed, our design team will create designs based on the needs of the client. Three-dimensional drawings can be produced to show clients the proposed design and check great detail of what is being built.

Finally, once the design process is completed our highly experienced land forming team will begin the land forming works.

Working with AMS.

We are a friendly, professional and accommodating business which strives to achieve high quality results and customer satisfaction. We look forward to planning your project with you and look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss your requirements and provide our recommendations.

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